Roman Zhuravlov

Frontend web developer and UI/UX designer

Hey! I am 22 years old web developer from Ukraine. I specialize in client interfaces, functional components and their internal logic. I create modern, beautiful, and accessible websites and apps. My goal is to help companies around the world to build their brand and turn incoming people into happy customers.

Let's work together! I'm always happy to provide you my professional help.

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In 2017 I entered the Kyiv National Polytechnic Institute of Igor Sikorsky Department of Automation of Power Processes and Systems Engineering. I am now a certified specialist and a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Kiev Politechnical Institute

The Long Journey

I'm a web developer since 2019. After a couple of years of writing C++ console programs, making a real interface in the browser was a miracle. When I learned React and Typescript it was the moment I knew: I will never come back to desktop development. Now I create beautiful cross-platform web-programs, modern sites, landings, and games online.

Web programming

What can I do?
Well... A lot of things!

My Professional skills

Desktop Dark Music Player


I am freelancing in web-development since 2019. I have worked in every stage of projects life-cycle. Was conducting interviews with the customers and drafting the terms of reference. Developed a technical systems and UI designs. Designed databases and endpoints. Wrote tons of front-end code. Participated in the development of the ‘Scalpio‘ crypto-currency bot as a UI/UX designer and project manager. Created the PWA for car rental company as a full-stack developer.


of coding, designing and creating
real world products. 🌟

Technologies? I know a lot! 😅

I have been busy learning new stuff in web libraries and frameworks. Whole list is huge and tiresome, trust me. My absolute favorite so far is React and Typescript combo! Let's just say, whatever you need — I probably can help.

Hello!Привiт!Русские тут?こんにちは

Knowledge of languages

  • Russian - Native
  • Ukrainian - Native
  • English - Strong
  • Japanese - Beginner

My Tools

Time and patience are the key to everything. But sometimes right tool does half of the job.

  • VS Code

  • Figma

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

In Summary

I'm a very pedantic person. And always put a soul in things I do. I'm trying to regularly learn new stuff and have relevant knowledge in my specialty. Trust me, code without crutches is worth the time spent on it! I will be glad to become part of a friendly team and join the work on an interesting project.

Desired salary net: 4000$ / Month

Let's talk!

Write to me about anything. I'm always happy to answer and provide you my professional help.
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